NHL goes LED

Bridgestone LEDOctober 7th starts the NHL’s 2015-2016 season, and the site of the NHL All-Star
Game which is scheduled for January of 2016, the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville,
TN is now running LED lighting.

The announcement of the switch to LED lighting was made by Tim Friedenberger, Vice President of Facility Operations for Bridgestone Arena.

“Since we illuminated the first sports arena in North America with an LED
lighting solution in 2012, facility operators have come to understand that our
digital lighting solutions create the optimal stage for fans and performers,”
Lorenz said. “Our success at venues of all sizes has established a new standard
of what fans, performers, television broadcasters and facility operators expect
from lighting.”

Tim goes on to sing the praises of the lighting conversion: “The combination of
the improved lighting and fan entertainment elements coupled with the
environmental benefits and lower operating costs made this solution an easy
choice to add to our upgrades to the Bridgestone Arena this summer,”
Friedenberger said. “We are especially excited about showcasing the new system
during NHL All-Star Weekend, when the eyes of the hockey world are upon

Some of the interesting features of this particular lighting system include full
spectrum color shifting, as well as colorful light shows and other lighting
experiences. But above all, there is a significant increase in illumination,
as well as a 75% energy savings!

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