Out with the Old – Why LED Lighting Outshines Fluorescent Bulbs

Group of Lights Bulbs isolated on white backgroundIt’s the battle of the bulbs as we consider LED versus fluorescent lighting. LED lighting has taken the industry by storm, presenting consumers with an eco-friendly, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution. However, the initial investment of transitioning to LED lighting can be daunting; many business owners are questioning why they should part with inexpensive and popular fluorescent light bulbs.

Although inexpensive and widely applied, fluorescent lighting is not energy efficient or eco-friendly. While it has long been the accepted lighting source for offices, schools and other institutions, fluorescent lighting is not without flaws. Consider the following issues with fluorescent light bulbs:

  • Contain mercury
  • Emit Ultraviolet light
  • Light is a harsh, bluish color
  • Repetitive buzzing sound

Fluorescent lighting is more finicky than people think. Some of the issues cited most frequently with fluorescent lighting include a harsh, bluish light and a droning buzzing sound. While this may seem to be more of an issue of aesthetics, business owners must consider the impact these conditions may have on an employee’s productivity. Furthermore, fluorescent light bulbs present an unnecessary risk of exposure to mercury, which can cause serious health problems for those who come in contact. Finally, the bulbs emit Ultraviolet light, just like the sun. While the amount of UV light thrown by fluorescent bulbs is found to be small and safe, it is yet another unnecessary issue posed by the popular lighting source.

Fortunately LED lighting presents a convenient alternative to obsolete fluorescent lighting, offering the following benefits:

  • Consume less energy
  • Emit a pure white light
  • Fit in standard light fixtures
  • Last longer

While investing in a LED light retrofit or new LED lighting installation seems expensive on the surface, the long-term savings outweigh the original cost. For one thing, LED light bulbs are proven to last longer than fluorescent, reducing a business’ need to buy and change lights. Additionally, LED lighting consumes far less energy than fluorescent light bulbs. In fact, Empire LED Solutions’ customers report that transitioning to LED lighting has contributed to annual energy cost savings of up to 75%. Beyond costs, LED attends to cosmetic lighting issues, as the bulbs are able to fit in a standard light socket, making it simple to perform a lighting retrofit. The light emitted is also more pleasant than fluorescent, producing a pure white light without harsh effects.

Customer feedback after transitioning to LED is overwhelmingly positive. Business owners have reported improvements in almost every facet of their business including employee productivity, safety, energy consumption and more. It is clear that from cosmetic differences to cutting costs, LED lighting can brighten the outlook for a company’s bottom line.