The Benefits of LED Lighting

Empire LED Solutions is the exclusive Revolution Lighting Technologies dealer of the New York metropolitan area, providing innovative and effective lighting design and light retrofit solutions. Quality commercial LED lighting creates a more comfortable environment for employees and significantly reduces energy costs. Our team of knowledgable professionals perform thorough LED audits in order to help create the perfect lighting design plan for your business. Your new lighting design or light retrofit may also be eligible for a utility rebate, we can help with that too.

LED Lighting Services

Energy Audits

Our LED energy audit report will detail both the financial and environmental benefits of upgrading to LED lights.

Lighting Design

Proper design is important to help reduce operating costs. The right lighting can increase employee productivity and enhance energy efficiency.

Light Retrofits

In as little as 15 minutes, we can transform old fluorescent fixtures into cutting edge LED light fixtures.

Utility Rebate Info

Energy savings are an alternative to the capital expense of expanding power plant capacity. You may be eligible for a rebate.


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