Shedding Light on Productivity in the Workplace

We can all appreciate a need for comfort in the workplace. rc-fine-foods11It is undeniable that lighting makes a difference in our day, affecting our perception and efficiency. Traditionally, offices, schools and warehouses have been fitted with fluorescent lighting, a non-directional light source noted for its harsh brightness and hum. This dated technology can cause discomfort among employees as well as steep energy consumption, hurting a business’ bottom line. Fortunately converting to LED lighting easily combats these issues, offering a proven ability to enhance efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

A person’s ability to see directly affects his ability to work. Very dim lighting can hinder an employee’s performance as it forces him to strain to read documents or to complete detailed tasks while intense bright light produces a harsher effect, creating a glare that creates discomfort and impedes vision. These conditions cause unnecessary fatigue and painful eyestrain, issues that can easily be eliminated by investing in LED lighting. This pure white, energy efficient lighting solution is noted for its ability to reduce energy consumption and enhance employee productivity.

Any business can easily convert to LED lighting, whether it is through new lighting installation or a simple lighting retrofit. The initial investment pays off in spades, providing business owners with energy cost savings of up to 75%. In addition to reducing energy costs, LED lighting produces a pure white light associated with improving employee productivity. A case study performed by Philips revealed that increasing a building’s light level through use of LED lighting contributed to a sizable increase in task performance across multiple industries:

  • Metal Industry – 16% increase in task performance, 29% reduction in rejected product
  • Pennsylvania Power & Light – 13.2% increased drafting rate, 25% reduction in absenteeism
  • Reno Post Office – 6% increase in mail processing rate
  • West Bend Mutual Insurance – 16% increase in claims processed

Shedding the right amount of light on the workplace simply makes it simpler for an employee to effectively view and complete his work. Converting to LED lighting isn’t just an investment in the environment and energy cost reduction; it is a helpful tool in improving productivity and increasing revenue. LED lighting allows employees to see clearly, enabling them to read documents and view detailed items with ease. It’s amazing to consider the long-term gains associated with something as simple as a lighting solution.